Tuesday, December 15, 2009

But everyone is doing it (I think not!)

It's been really interesting talking to friends about the Tiger Woods news. Personally, I was in shock!! I did not see it coming. I bought in to the pictures of the "perfect family". My heart aches for Tiger's beautiful wife, Ellin. I can't image the pain she must be feeling. I can't imagine how she can ever trust (or love) him again.

Many of my other friends have the attitude, "it doesn't surprise me since affairs are so common!"

I won't buy into that. Maybe I am naive. Maybe I am blind.

But I have a wonderful, loving husband and I believe in the commitment of marriage, especially one made in a Church under the witness of God. I don't believe affairs are common and I surely don't believe they are acceptable just because they are so common today (what an excuse).

What are your thoughts?


Kim said...

I didn't see it coming either. I always thought, what a nice family, famous husband, devoted to his wife and kids. Boy was I wrong!
I know it happens, but I would still like to think that it doesn't happen all the time!
How do you get past something like that and move on? I don't think I could, after all that public humiliation?

The Soladay Family said...

I'm right there with you! The deal is that when you cheat on your spouse, you're also cheating on your children...

Deelsu said...

I was naive too.. until I saw it first hand. It's digusting how many guys run around on their wives.

Allyson and Dave said...

Married couples like you two and and me & Dave are rare nowadays. I used to think that only celebrities had affairs but I know so many people personally who had had affairs. It is just sad...and icky.