Monday, May 10, 2010

Princess Mimi is hosting a tea party!

Princess Mimi loves having tea parties, and she asked to have some classmates over one day for a tea party. (Her class is made up of 6 boys and 6 girls). So we printed Princess invitations off the Internet and mailed them to her 5 friends. 4 of the 5 will join us next week, so I am busy planning for the special tea.Yesterday at Downtown Disney I found this super cute Alice in Wonderland tea pot (above). I wanted to get the matching cups and saucers but at $14.95 each, it was out of my budget.
So today I went to Old Time Pottery and found these four cute ceramic and gold tea pots for $7.99 each (half the price). So I will give each little princess her own tea pot! Which is your favorite?


Melanie said...

That is absolutely adorable. My favorite is the pot on top. It just says "elegant tea" to me.

Gorgeous idea.

Mel at

~~Mel~~ said...

Oh how I long for a little make me jealous lol.

I love all the pots...they are equally gorgeous and different too.

Dena said...

I like the funkiness of the last one!

Nomers said...

OMG!!!! I need the cheshire cat tea pot!!!!
I have always said Diva's 6th Birthday would be a tea party.

Ali said...

Pretty! I like the second one!