Thursday, May 27, 2010

Publix Trip: I saved 64-percent

I got $96.09 worth of groceries today for only $34.67 at Publix today!
Yup, I saved $61.42, or 64%!

Plus I saved my receipt for the $10 refund from Kraft Foods (receive $10 rebate when you purchase $30 of Kraft foods). $19.77 of this receipt applies!!

Update: I headed back to Publix on Friday for more free BIC razors (B1G1 free + two $3-off coupons), Kraft mac and cheese (B1G1 x+$0.55 off 2 coupons), and Capri Suns ($1.67 each sale). In fact, I got over $30 worth of groceries for only $8!! If I haven't said it before, I love couponing!

You can do it too! Visit for details:
I Heart Publix

PS - Also check your local paper today for a $5 off $50 purchase at Albertson's. Publix will accept this as a competitor's coupon for more savings!


Dena said...

It's crazy to me that that's $100 worth of groceries. And to think, I used to just pay for it!

Monkey Mae said...

Wow...mentor me!