Monday, May 17, 2010

Three Great New Grocery Shopper Gadgets

The Koala Pouch ($14.95 at – A stylish eco-conscious shopping organizer that fits securely over any shopping cart handle to hold EVERYTHING the grocery shopper needs. It has: •A dedicated pocket with index cards to keep coupons and shopping lists organized•A roomy see-through pocket for easy access to your mobile phone•A pocket with two stylish and spacious reusable bags so you’ll never forget them again!•Enough space for a List Caddy, Koalabiner, keys, money, debit/credit cards etc. (a great idea for those who’d rather leave their purse at home or in the car while they shop)•A pen/pencil holder

The Koalabiner Purse Hanger ($4.95 at – This is a must-have accessory for all purse toting grocery shoppers and moms. The Koalabiner is a super sturdy carabiner that clips purses securely to any shopping cart or stroller handle to free up cart space and provide easy access for the shopper, and difficult access for kids or purse snatchers. It also is a great for securing reusable bags while shopping, and for clipping full grocery bags together to prevent items from spilling out.

Momcepts is creator of the popular List Caddy ($1.99 at, a sturdy list, coupon and pencil holder that snaps onto shopping cart handles and attaches to refrigerators for easy list and coupon management.

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Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow. As much as I am at the store I could really use that list caddy. Checking it out today. I usually have a little system that works for me but this would be even better because I could do my shopping and drink my coffee without the list in my hand. Awesome!