Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Does the cookie diet really work?

Does the cookie diet really work?

I have seen/heard of the Cookie diet but have not researched it at all. But today I learned that Jenny Garth benefited from the diet and I was intrigued. I have also loved Jenny Garth (you know, Kelly on 90210.)

The overall diet: Just by eating six cookies a day plus a sensible dinner, the diet that has helped over 500,000 people lose weight effectively, helps to suppress hunger and is now widely available to everyone!

What is most surprising to me is that the Cookie Diet has been around since 1975--yup, for 34 years!! I thought it was just a new fad! Who knew? You can check it more information and/or order cookie at

Attention Teachers!

This is a cool opportunity for teachers.

Avery Dennison is celebrating “all that teachers do” by holding a national sweepstakes in their honor—In the sweepstakes, the teachers are able to win $500 in Avery Dennison products to help cut the cost of school supplies that they are buying themselves each year, and $500 worth of other types of products for their own use. Here's the official information:


Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes is One of Several Ways Avery Dennison Office Products Supports U.S. Schools and Their Teachers

BREA, Calif., (July 21, 2010) – Avery Dennison Office Products Company (“Avery Dennison”), a business unit of Avery Dennison Corporation, is launching a national sweepstakes to reward deserving teachers nationwide. The sweepstakes, which runs through September 15, 2010, was created to celebrate teachers and all they do for our nations’ children on a daily basis.

Due to budget cuts and the current economic climate, many teachers and students across the country go without even the most basic school supplies. Studies by the non-profit organization, World Vision, show that teachers spend on average at least $500 of their own money each school year on supplies for their students. This sweepstakes aims to alleviate some of this financial burden, as well as pamper a few lucky teachers.

Avery Dennison will be giving away a grand prize package valued at $1,000 to one teacher through the sweepstakes hosted at: Teachers are encouraged to submit as many entries as they would like (up to one a day) between now and September 15, 2010, and also will be eligible to win additional second and third place prizes. Prize packages include an array of Avery-brand school supply products, Spa Finder gift cards and/or Starbucks gift cards.

“Avery Dennison wants to show our appreciation for all the hard work that teachers do every single day, and what better way to say thank you than awarding prizes that can help organize, pamper and yes, even caffeinate them,” said Jeff Deleon, director of marketing, Education, for Avery Dennison Office Products. “One of our core beliefs is that education is the cornerstone of a strong community, so we support the teachers who nurture students and enable their success."

Avery Dennison has a long-history of supporting education. This announcement comes on the heels of its parent, Avery Dennison Corporation, launching the Give Back to Schools program in late June. Created as a way to give back to the communities that have made the company's success possible in its 75th anniversary year, Give Back to Schools will provide 10 deserving U.S. schools with a truck-load of Avery-brand school supplies, valued at approximately $10,000 each. For Official Rules and to enter to win, students, families and supporters (ages 18 and older) can vote for their local K-8 school now through August 31 at

In 2009, Avery Dennison joined the Box Tops for Education® program, which helps parents and communities earn much-needed cash for schools. Avery Dennison is the only school and office supply manufacturer participating in the program, and currently offers Box Tops coupons on more than 1,000 school and office supply products, such as Avery® Durable and Heavy Duty binders, Index Maker® dividers, Avery® NoteTabs™, Label Pads, sheet protectors, address and shipping labels, Hi-Liter® highlighters, Marks-A-Lot® dry erase and permanent markers, Avery® glue sticks, name badges, and T-shirt transfers.

The cash earned by schools through Box Tops for Education can be used in many ways, such as helping to rebuild playgrounds, funding under-budgeted programs, or purchasing classroom equipment, library books, computers and other much-needed supplies. For more information on Avery Dennison’s participation in the program, visit and

Avery Dennison Offers Even More Chances to For Teachers to Win! In addition to the web-based sweepstakes for teachers and schools, Avery Dennison also is partnering with Box Tops for Education to help teachers earn up to 25 Bonus Box Tops for their participating schools. Now through September 15, teachers can submit a copy of their official school supply list to General Mills, listing one of more than 1,000 specially marked Avery brand school and office supply products, for a chance to win 10,000 Bonus Box Tops for their school. Schools are limited to 10 classroom supply list entries. Please visit and for rules and regulations, and to view a school supply list example from Avery Dennison.

About Box Tops for Education. America’s schools have earned more than $300 million through Box Tops for Education since the program started in 1996. Thousands of schools have used that cash to purchase items such as computers, library books, art supplies and playground equipment. Schools can earn up to $80,000 per year to spend on anything they choose, by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of products, shopping online through the Box Tops Marketplace® and Reading Room, and purchasing items from My Class Essentials™ registries. To learn more about the program visit,

About Avery Dennison. Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY) helps make brands more inspiring and the world more intelligent. For 75 years the company has been a global leader in pressure-sensitive technology and materials, retail branding and information solutions, and organization and identification products for offices and consumers. A FORTUNE 500 company with sales of $6 billion in 2009, Avery Dennison is based in Pasadena, California and has employees in over 60 countries. A division of Avery Dennison, Avery Dennison Office Products manufactures and markets products under the well-known Avery® brand name and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels for laser and ink jet printers, labeling software, binders, sheet protectors, index and tab dividers and other office-, home- and school-related supplies. For more information, visit or

What is YOUR passion? Mine is baking!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Haagen Dazs. All opinions are 100% mine.
What are you passionate about? Perhaps it is working out, perhaps cooking, or perhaps volunteering for a good cause. Personally, I am passionate about baking! I love my desserts (unfortunately my waist line does not, ha!) I find baking to be fun and creative.
I love baking everything from cookies to muffins to cakes. And I am not talking about baking from a premade box either! I like to make homemade cookies. I like to experiment with flavors to try new things.
Lately, I am cooking with whole wheat pastry flour and pure cane sugar. I want to try to make things TASTE GOOD WHILE BEING HEALTHY!
So, here's a recipe hint. Whenever you are baking cookies or cake, replace HALF the white flour with whole wheat pastry flour. Your family won't taste the difference, and you can be assured it's a healthy alternative.
Well what is your passion? Haagen-Dazs knows that different people have different passions, and they are pleased to bring you new episodes of the Passion Profiles, an original online series featuring some of Canada's most intriguing personalities.
Let me tell you more. PASSION PROFILES, is a talk-show that takes a unique and rare glimpse at the authentic and demanding passions that define some of Canada's finest Chefs, Designers and Musicians. The viewer will be intrigued, inspired and entertained.
Hosted by ET Canada's Cheryl Hickey, PASSION PROFILES will take you into the lives Canada's most entertaining personalities. She will bring the best out in the guests with stories from their lives and insights to inspire viewers. With her own passion for entertainment, style and people, Cheryl's years of experience will enable her to get up close and personal with some of the hottest names around. Food Network TV stars Anna and Michael Olsen will be airing on the first episode of PASSION FILES on July 28, 2010.
So please take a minute to visit and take a deeper look at the PASSION PROFILES series! And remember, Food Network TV stars Anna and Michael Olsen will be on PASSION PROFILES on July 28, 2010 (the link is now live as off today, 7/28).

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Send flowers to someone you love

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of 1-800-Flowers. All opinions are 100% mine.

We usually spent lots of time in the summer with my parents. We head to Louisiana and they head here, but this summer has been different. My kids are getting older and have summer activities (ballet, camps, etc), and my mom hurt her knee really bad and is in physical therapy. We miss them quite a bit, so the kids and I want to do something special. Princess Mimi decided we should do a flower delivery!

My mom loves flowers and I know they would look great on her dining room table. I am a little concerned about price, but 1-800-Flowers has bouquets starting at $24.99. In fact, there is an entire section of "gifts under $30" including summer roses, a basket full of daisies, and a lily bouquet). The site even offers cookies and plants. They have a great selection to fit anyone!

It's really easy to order on 1-800-Flowers. You fill out your information including billing address and credit card info, give the name and address of your special someone, and great a special gift card. You can have your flowers delivered the same day or pick a day.

It's simple and easy, so check it out for yourself. Visit and send flowers to someone special!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

So Grown Up!

This morning, I took Princess Mimi to the mall. We went into The Children's Place (great sale!) and she wanted a black shirt. She has never had a black shirt. In fact, I am not sure if she has ever had anything black--except for a pair of tights at one time! She put this entire outfit together--black/hot pink sandals, black shirt, black/pink headband, denim shorts and a black ponytail! She is so grown up! I can't believe she will soon turn FIVE!

So Grown Up!

This morning, I took Princess Mimi to the mall. We went into The Children's Place (great sale!) and she wanted a black shirt. She has never had a black shirt. In fact, I am not sure if she has ever had anything black--except for a pair of tights at one time! She put this entire outfit together--black/hot pink sandals, black shirt, black/pink headband, denim shorts and a black ponytail! She is so grown up! I can't believe she will soon turn FIVE!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ice Cream for Breakfast!

The kids and I participated in a promotional video shoot yesterday at a local resort! We had to eat ice cream sundaes and milk shakes at 9:00am! It was so much fun. Here's a photo I took of them before we started:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Publix Trip: 90-percent savings

I got all this for $3.36 at Publix...saved $26.66 (or 90-percent savings!). The trick is to shop their sales, especially their Buy One Get One Free sales with coupons! Did you have any nice savings this week?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I got all this for $3 at Publix!

I love good shopping trips. I got these eight (8) items at Publix today for $3.23 total! Can you tell how much I love couponing?

Monday, July 12, 2010

A few more photos of our new kitty

Precious, our new kitty, is exploring the house. And, it's quiet cute! I have never had a kitty before in the house so it's pretty fun. (Hubby had two grown cats when we got married but they have since passed. Kittens are completely different!)
She loves chasing the car as it rides down the roller coaster!She loves her little bed.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We adopted a kitty!

Yesterday, it was hot and we were bored, so opted to walk around the mall for a bit. Well the first shop we come across is a "pet rescue" organization, and of course the kids wanted to go inside. They fell in love with this sweet kitty, and we adopted her!

Her name is "Precious" and she is 3 to 4 months old.

Precious is a sweet, playful, and friendly little girl. She loves to climb and jump. She purrs pretty easily and loves to be scratched behind the ears.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Only one more week: Standing Ovation

If you loved High School Musical… then, think Junior High School Musical, as you shake to the awesome high-energy dance moves, listen to the cool new tunes and laugh your way through this hip original family film that will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to put on your dancin’ shoes. Standing Ovation is the feel-good music and dance movie of the summer!

A positive tale of perseverance and passion, Standing Ovation arrives in theaters on July 16, 2010 featuring 20 original songs and 13 never-before-seen dance numbers that showcase an exciting cast of talented young newcomers as they learn the importance of loyalty, friendship and family on a journey to fulfilling their dreams.

Presented by Kenilworth Films, Standing Ovation features a refreshing and talented cast of kids who tell the story through their optimistic eyes, resulting in a delightful plot filled with playful innocence. With its sincerity and connectivity, Standing Ovation takes the audience on the real-life journey of ordinary kids with extraordinary dreams. Directed by Stewart Raffill (The Adventures of the Wilderness Family), produced by Diane Kirman (The New Swiss Family Robinson) and executive produced by James Brolin and Dr. William Lewis, Standing Ovation is a film made by the children for the children, that gives the everyday kid a chance to turn their own dreams into their reality. Standing Ovation is rated PG.

Showcasing a spectacular cast of young and talented actors, singers, songwriters, dancers, gymnasts and musicians from Philadelphia, Atlantic City and the surrounding areas, Standing Ovation reveals the undiscovered talent and drive of the East Coast’s youth. The cast’s dazzling performances electrify the screen with their innate charm, charisma and professionalism that extends well beyond their years, making the audience forget that some have never before stepped into the spotlight or performed in front of the camera. Every cast member has their own success story to tell which embodies the Standing Ovation message to ALL young people who have a similar dream, “If you are a Wannabe, then you Gonnabe!”

Official site:

Clearance Items at Target

I love when I find great items on Clearance at Target!

Mimi found a beach cover up ($9). I'm sure it will go on sale more in the next few weeks but her cousins have this one and she really wanted it so I got it now.

We found this Toy Story Camp Chair for $4.98 this morning. Since my son's bedroom is decorated in Toy Story, it's perfect! Party invitations were on sale.
One package for $1.24 and a second for $1.48!
Kellogg's fruit treats and Raisin Bran were also half price.
(The treats for $1.02 and cereal for $1.48.)
I may have to go back later today for some more finds!

(Oh, and if your kids are collecting "silly bands" they have 12-packs in the $1 bins!)

All the single ladies...

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

Single ladies...listen up!

I know there are tons of dating web sites out there. In fact, hubby and I met online six years ago! But it is time to bring it to an entire new level!

Have you heard of virtual dating? I encourage you to check it out by registering at, a new social dating site with cutting edge features and communication tools. invests in the member experience cool interactive elements. They offer a variety of refreshing and creative ways to date. And, you get 3 months FREE when you upload a picture to your profile. Let me tell you more about virtual dating.

There are some great benefits to virtual dating: (1) Get to know the person behind the profile, (2)Virtual dating saves you time and money and helps avoid disappointment because you can take your time and get to know each other before you rush off to meet, (3) It’s a lot of fun – and a very exciting way to meet people, and (4) Your lifelike 3D avatar can flirt (you’ve got to try this).

According to a Harvard study (2006), “Virtual Dates cause individuals to develop greater affinity toward one another when they actually meet.” What do you have to lose? I think you love it...let me know! Happy dating!

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Friday Freebie: (More) Movie Rentals

If you have a Blockbuster Express Kiosk near you, here are two more new codes to get FREE rentals: GT16A or GL15A. (I use the free codes all the time at my local Publix kiosk. In fact, I haven't paid for a movie rental in two months!) Enjoy...and have a great weekend

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Remember the ol Toilet Paper Prank?

Remember the good old days when soft rolls of toilet paper weren’t just for wiping? Charmin is bringing back the excitement of a prank from yesteryear with a safe, clean twist. Charmin’s first-of-a-kind TP-a-Friend application allows Facebook users to TP their friends pages without the mess and stress.

The Charmin TP application is a fun, clean and not to mention legal way for you or your kids to prank your friends! It’s a prank you might just encourage your kids to take advantage of!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Chiquita Frozen Fruit Smoothies $1000 backyard patio makeover

Icy cold and made with real fruit, Chiquita Frozen Fruit Smoothies are the perfect summertime beverage for outdoor entertaining and warm-weather fun. Now, the convenient blend-and-serve smoothie concentrate brand is offering fans a chance to win a backyard patio makeover in its Summer Fruit Fun Smoothie contest.

Summer Fruit Fun Smoothie participants can enter by simply snapping a photo of themselves, their family or friends enjoying their favorite smoothie outside on a nice summer day. To enter the Summer Fruit Fun Smoothie contest: Begin following @Fruitfun on Twitter. Snap a photo of yourself or a friend enjoying a smoothie outdoors. Send the photo to @FruitFun via to complete your entry.

Contestants can enter as many times as they wish and each photo counts as a single entry. Duplicate entries are encouraged because winners are chosen at random. The more you enter the better chance you have of winning.

The Grand Prize Winner receives a $1,000 gift card to complete their patio makeover as well as a year’s supply of Strawberry Banana, Banana Colada, Peach Mango and Mixed Berry Chiquita Smoothies. Weekly winners receive Chiquita Smoothies tee shirts and coupons redeemable for free smoothies.

The Summer Fruit Fun Smoothie runs from July 1 through August 31, 2010. A full list of contest rules can be found at

Chiquita Frozen Fruit Smoothies are all-natural with no artificial sweeteners, coloring or preservatives. Each smoothie serving contains at least 1/2 cup of fruit and 100 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C. All four flavors—including Strawberry Banana, Banana Colada, Peach Mango and Mixed Berry—sell for $2.69 per container, or less than $1 per serving. Chiquita Frozen Fruit Smoothies are available at leading grocery stores nationwide.

Why I love couponing...

If you read my site regularly, you know that in the past two months, I started collecting coupons; and WOW, it's become so much fun! This afternoon at Publix, I spent $34.32 and saved $43.74 or 56%
(I got tons of stuff--five Lean Cuisine dinners, 2 cartons of egg whites, 2 cereals, 2 brownies, 2 ALL Detergents, 2 cool whips, 2 containers of BBQ meat, pizza, apple juice and more!)If you want to join in the savings, please visit or!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

You could win a free weekend stay at any Hampton Hotel

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you in need of a little break this summer? Well good news, friends! Each day, Hampton Inn is giving away a FREE WEEKEND STAY in the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes! (Now, that's something I WANT to win...a mini vacation!)

Entering is simple: you go to the web site (link above), and fill out your name, address, phone and email!


GET THIS The grand prize (and there is only one!) is the ENTIRE hotel for a weekend (yes, that is 100 rooms for 2 nights). Can you imagine having that many friends in one place? Too much fun, I think! I think I would plan a family reunion in the Florida Gulf Coast area. I want to support those businesses who are hurting from the oil spill. I would invite all my family to meet there, probably the Destin Beach area, for a great weekend of fun!

And, there are 100 FIRST PRIZES which include weekend stays given away daily for the winner and three of their friends! (I think weekend vacations are important. In fact, I read recently that planning a trip makes people happy, and research suggests that you plan a number of weekend mini-trips each year instead of one big trip! In fact, THINK GIRLS WEEKEND or even MANCATION. It's important to travel with friends and renew relationships.)

So check it out! Register your entry today, and let me know if you win!
Click Here

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Target Savings = 42% yesterday

I spent $18; saved $37...savings of 42 percent at Target yesterday!
Toy Story Pull Ups $8.99
-$2 coupon

Toy Story Costume $10.48 clearance
-$4 coupon on Hasbro toy when buying Pull Ups

Boost Kids Essential $9.99
-$2 coupon manf
-$3 Target coupon

3 packs Rayovac batteries, 70-cents
-$1.00 off coupon (adjusted to 70-cents)

Suave shampoo $1.84
-$3 coupon = OVERAGE

Ziploc bags (quart size)
-$1 off Target coupon
-$0.40 Manf coupon

Fruit snacks $1.54...not on sale but kids wanted them!
(And I got generic Target label)

Orajel toddler toothpaste $2.89
-$1 off coupon

And 10-percent off total purchase for using Target VISA card!

Wow, Great weej at CVS = 66% savings

At CVS yesterday, I found some great deals on Charmin 12 pack, Bounty 8 pack, Nature Made Vitamins, and Dawn Hand Renewal. I spent $14 out of pocket and saved over $28; that's a savings of 66%! (If you have the P&G Home Solutions coupon book, you can get the Dawn Hand Renewal for FREE this week. It's on sale for $1...and there is a $1 off coupon in the book! Also the Nature Made Vitamins are B1G1 free, and the Nature Made web site has a list of coupons.)

Need a gift? Check out Friendgiftr!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of FriendGiftr. All opinions are 100% mine.
Have you heard of FriendGiftr yet? It's a new site I know you will love! Let me tell you about it.

FriendGiftr users are now able to buy and send real digital and/or physical gift cards to friends, family, and associates for the holidays, birthdays, other special occasions, or anytime! Buyers can select from over 120 of their favorite retail and restaurant gift cards to buy $10, $20, $25, $35, $50, $75, and $100 gift cards.

But what’s really special about Friendgiftr is that end receivers are empowered to get what they really want –they can exchange the gift card given to them from their friends or family for any of the 120 merchants Friendgiftr offers for no additional cost and without the buyer knowing. They can also split the gift card across multiple merchants, enabling the ultimate user choice and control.
Since most of my family is out of town, these cards will make great Christmas gifts since I won't have to pay crazy shipping fees! I know Mom would enjoy Pottery Barn and dad loves to shop at Bass Pro Shop!

THE BEST PART - your friend can swap the giftcard out for a different merchant for no additional cost. And your friend or family member can use our service from the website, Facebook, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. CHECK IT OUT!

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Monday, July 05, 2010

Dinner Idea: Garlic and Herb Shrimp

Last week for dinner, I sauted a dozen shrimp in a touch of butter, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. I then tossed in cooked fetticine noodles and Zatarains' Big & Zesty Garlic & Herb seasoning. It was SO DEISH! ... not to mention quick and easy!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Need a good laugh?

If you need a good laugh tonight, please take a minute to read a post from a great blogger over at The Starnes Family, who went to the tanning salon for the first time in many years. This had be laughing out loud last night! What a woot...maybe because I can relate, ha!

Mission Menus Challenge

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Mission Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

A few weeks back, Publix had Mission Flour Tortillas on sale BOGO. I used one pack right away and put the second package in the freezer. I must say they have held up well! We use them for tacos, enchiladas and sandwich wraps. They are so versatile and convenient -- and of course taste great!

Better yet, Mission Flour Tortillas contain 0 grams Trans fat per serving and are cholesterol free. They are available in small (6"), medium (8") and large (10”) sizes in major grocery stores nationwide.

Currently, Mission Foods is running the Mission Menu Challenge! Let me tell you more! Mission Foods is kicking off the summer with the Mission Menus Challenge.
 Beginning June 28, 2010, Chef Sara Moulton will encourage consumers to submit their budget-friendly recipes to Mission at for a chance to compete in a cook-off in Los Angeles and win a $10,000 dream kitchen makeover as well as a host of weekly prizes. The grand prize winner will win round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations for two to the Mission Menus Challenge Cook-off on September 10, 2010 at the Hard Rock Café in Los Angeles.

You have until August 9th to enter the Mission Menus Challenge. REMEMBER, All recipes must: Must include Mission Flour Tortillas, Be original, and Feed a family of five for $10 or less

I encourage you to check out for examples of quick & easy, budget-friendly meals for $10 using Mission Flour Tortillas and to gain inspiration for your creative recipe submissions.

Oh, one last note: Mission Foods is proud to support Share Our Strength, the leading national organization committed to ending childhood hunger in America. You can help by visiting and learning more about Mission Foods commitment to Share Our Strength in supporting this life-changing cause.

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