Friday, July 09, 2010

Clearance Items at Target

I love when I find great items on Clearance at Target!

Mimi found a beach cover up ($9). I'm sure it will go on sale more in the next few weeks but her cousins have this one and she really wanted it so I got it now.

We found this Toy Story Camp Chair for $4.98 this morning. Since my son's bedroom is decorated in Toy Story, it's perfect! Party invitations were on sale.
One package for $1.24 and a second for $1.48!
Kellogg's fruit treats and Raisin Bran were also half price.
(The treats for $1.02 and cereal for $1.48.)
I may have to go back later today for some more finds!

(Oh, and if your kids are collecting "silly bands" they have 12-packs in the $1 bins!)


Dena said...

I never go to Target, but I'd totally buy the silly bands for $1. I guess I'll go there if I decide he needs some :o)

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Great deals.....I love target!

starnes family said...

I almost never buy anything at Target unless it's on sale. And, often, not until it goes to 75% off. Unless, like the cover up, it's darling and you have to have it. It's safer than hoping it's still available at final markdown!

Kate said...

I love the Toy Story chair-great find!