Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Does the cookie diet really work?

Does the cookie diet really work?

I have seen/heard of the Cookie diet but have not researched it at all. But today I learned that Jenny Garth benefited from the diet and I was intrigued. I have also loved Jenny Garth (you know, Kelly on 90210.)

The overall diet: Just by eating six cookies a day plus a sensible dinner, the diet that has helped over 500,000 people lose weight effectively, helps to suppress hunger and is now widely available to everyone!

What is most surprising to me is that the Cookie Diet has been around since 1975--yup, for 34 years!! I thought it was just a new fad! Who knew? You can check it more information and/or order cookie at

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Jules said...

they have a version of it at Costco.