Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Target Savings = 42% yesterday

I spent $18; saved $37...savings of 42 percent at Target yesterday!
Toy Story Pull Ups $8.99
-$2 coupon

Toy Story Costume $10.48 clearance
-$4 coupon on Hasbro toy when buying Pull Ups

Boost Kids Essential $9.99
-$2 coupon manf
-$3 Target coupon

3 packs Rayovac batteries, 70-cents
-$1.00 off coupon (adjusted to 70-cents)

Suave shampoo $1.84
-$3 coupon = OVERAGE

Ziploc bags (quart size)
-$1 off Target coupon
-$0.40 Manf coupon

Fruit snacks $1.54...not on sale but kids wanted them!
(And I got generic Target label)

Orajel toddler toothpaste $2.89
-$1 off coupon

And 10-percent off total purchase for using Target VISA card!

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Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

AWESOME!!! I am getting there...still need some help sometimes!