Monday, August 16, 2010

Always arguing with my daughter over what to wear!...

For the past few months, every morning with my 4-year old daughter is an arguement over what to wear. (I thought this would not happen for many more years, but boy was I wrong!) I will pick her out something to wear and she doesn't like it. (She is so independent!) And when I let her pick, it's something old/doesn't match/inappropriate/etc.
So hubby and I came up with an idea I am hoping will help! We went to Target yesterday and purchased this 7-shelf cubby organizer for $12.99. I sat with Princess Mimi and together we picked out five outfits for the week (Monday through Friday). Actually, she picked two, I picked two and another (the fifth outfit) we picked together. Each morning when I ask her to get dressed she must pick from the organizer (not her drawers, not her closet!) I have the outfit, undies, shoes and hair accessories all put together.

This better work, ha!


greygillfish said...

I am actually shocked that your battles only began at age four. HA! We started at two and have been battling ever since. It has become a little better this year.

Let me know how this works. I may need to try this myself.

At least she hasn't given up the bows yet...GET READY, that battle is next. :)

jill said...

Great idea! I have a feeling I will need one of these next year.

Mom said...

OMG, you read my mind! I think we're going to need to do the same thing with Baby, who is starting kindergarten in a few weeks. She argues DAILY over what to wear, and I'm not sure dad has the fortitude to handle that -- since I'll be off to school myself in the mornings.