Thursday, April 29, 2010

This week's savings! (Publix)

Tonight, I spent $28.72 and saved $57.89 at Publix!!
(65-percent savings!)

I'm learning how to coupon and stockpile items, which I have never done before. So I have once again returned to Publix (for sale items only).

For years I have told my friends that Publix is simply "too expensive" and that I did all my shopping at Wal-Mart. After all, Wal-Mart does offer the best prices in town. HOWEVER, thanks to web sites like,, and, I am learning that Publix does have good deals WHEN teamed up with coupons, especially on their Buy 1 Get One Free products.

Here's what I got at Publix:

Mission Tortilla/Fajita, B1G1
-$0.75 manf 'net coupon
-$0.75 manf 'net coupon

Kellogg's Fruit Snacks B1G1
-$1 off manf 'net coupon (could only print one)

Juicy Juice B1G1
-$1/2 'net coupon

McCormick Garlic Powder B1G1
-$1 Manf Coupon (only got one newspaper)
-$0.55 Publix coupon (only got one Earth Day booklet)

Lender's Bagels B1G1
-$1/2 'net coupon

Digiorno Pizza (sale 2 for $10)
-$3 off manf coupon 'net
-$3 off manf coupon 'net
-$1 off manf coupon 'net
-$1 off manf coupon newspaper

Oscar Mayer Lunchables (10/$10, or $1 each)
(I didn't have the 3/25 newspaper coupon, unfortunately, but $1 is a GOOD price!)

Capri Sunrise Drinks
sale $1.79 - $1 off coupon

Classico Sauce
Price $2.59 - $1.50 coupon

Dan O Nino (sale 2/$4)
-$1 off coupon

6-pack Coke products - B1G1

Publix peanuts (variety) -B1G1

Kraft Shredded Cheese
(sale 2/$4--cheaper than Publix generic)

The only thing I did NOT get on sale: Sara Lee Bread $1.99
(but I am saving the UPC for free Toy Story plates for the kids!)

-Minus one $5.00/$30.00 (Grand opening Publix store near me!)

Teaching "money management" to kids

My kids often get dollar bills in the mail from their grandparents and aunts. In fact, Princess Mimi thinks every letter that comes in the mail should have money inside, if it does not, she cries and whines. (Yes, my drama queen!)

We got her a little bank and have tried to explain to her that she should save some of her money and not spend it all in one place, but at such a young age, she has not yet caught on to that concept.

Well, if you are in the same boat, I recommend the children's book, Feeding Penny Pig. Written by Jeannine "Mimi" Fox, a grandmother and financial planner from Texas, the book tells the tale of a little girl and her beloved piggy bank. The story aims to teach children lessons of financial responsibility that will help them avoid common pitfalls when they get older.

The book can be found online at, Amazon, and other major bookstores.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book, Feeding Penny Pig, in order to write this blog post.

Review: Entenmann's Coffee

We all know and love Entenmann's baked goods...but did you know they sell coffee, too!?
Truth be told, I am not the coffee drinker in our home. That would be my hubby. (I am a Coca-Cola kind of gal). For a while, he would drink any coffee that I purchased. However, in the last few months this has changed. He has gotten very picky about his coffee. Hubby says it is his one indulgence each day. In fact, he even bought a new coffee maker!

Well last week, I asked him to try three Entenmann's coffee flavors: Entenmann's Ultimate Cafe' Blend, Entenmann's Ultimage Cinnamon Crumb Cake Blend, and Entenmann's Ultimate Hazelnut Coffee Cake Blend.

He was really impressed with the Cinnammon Crumb Cake (luscious cake flavors of vanilla nd cinnamon) and Hazelnut Coffee Cake blends (blend of exotic cinnamon and classic hazelnut). In fact, on those two days, he drank an ENTIRE pot of coffee!!

As for the Cafe Blend (medium bodied blend with a smooth lingering finish and hint of acidity), he said it was a little strong, but he admits that he may not have put enough water that day. When it comes to regular coffee (non flavored) hubby says it was about the same as others, but again, I think he was so impressed with the two flavored coffees that it overshadowed his opinion of this one.

Entenmann's Coffee retails at $7.99 a bag. To view all flavors and purchasing information, you can visit the Entenmann's Coffee web site at

Disclosure: I received samples of coffee from Entenmann's Coffee in order to write this review.

Monday, April 26, 2010

More Great Target Deals!

In addition to the Tresemme' Fresh Start deal I posted about earlier today,
I found some great clearance items at Target today!
In the outdoor garden center, I found rainboots for both my kids. Regularly $16.99, Sale $4.24 I have told you several times about Magic Powder (for women's bikini area). I found it on clearance in the drugstore/healthcare area for $1.02 a can!
And I got TWO of these OFF! clip ons for $1.50 each! (Regularly $7.99). You can learn how to get your two for $3-total, too, at Target by visiting this link:
(Or you can get it both for $1.50 at Walgreen's by visiting

Have you tried "dry shampoo"? Target Deal Alert!

Let's face it! There are some days that we just don't have time to shampoo and dry our hair! Well, thanks to I am in love with Tresemme Fresh Start!

TARGET SPECIAL: Tresemme Fresh Start Bonus Packs $3.99!

And add these two coupons for super savings:
-B1G1 Tresemme Fresh Start printable coupon
-$2 off Tresemme Fresh Start printable coupon

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Three great deals at Publix (4/25)

There are tons of great web sites that tell you how to match coupons at Publix (so I won't reinvent the wheel), but here are three great deals I found this week: :

Get TWO Sily Soy Milk
On sale $2.50 each.
-b1g1 free coupon (4/18 paper)
-$.55 coupon Publix Earth Day book or printable
or $0.97 cents each!

Edwards Single serves
On sale B1G1 free
-$1.00 coupon (4/25 paper)
-$1.00 Internet coupon
or $0.49 per box (or $0.25 per pie slice!)

Cascadian Farms Oragnic Fruit & Veggies (frozen)
On sale $1.99 each
-$2 off 3 bags Publix internet coupon
-$1 manufacturer coupon (must register on site)
-$1 manufacturer coupon (print a second one above)
or $0.65 a bag (these are great for smoothies!)

Happy shopping!!! For full ad and details, please visit or!

Walgreen's Deals this week (4/25)

I'm just learning how to "coupon" but feel pretty good today about my trip to Walgreens. I paid $6.71 for these items:

Transaction #1:
Plackers Dental Flossers - Sale Price $2 (Get back $2 RRs)
Skintimate Shave Cream - Sale Price $2.99 (Get back $2.99 RRs)
out of pocket = $5.34
Got back $3 RR(Skintimate) + $2 RR(Plackers)

Transaction #2:
Stayfree Maxi Pads - Sale Price $2.99 (Get back $2.99 RRs)
Gatorade (5 for $5 sale- I got one at $1)
Use $2 RR(from Plackers)
-$1 off Stayfree coupon (from today's newpaper)
out of pocket $1.27
Got back $3 ECB

Transaction #3:
2 - Gallons of milk (on sale $2.99 each)
Pay with $2.99 RR (Skintimate) and $2.99 RR(Stayfree)
ZERO out of pocket = FREE
Note: Some Walgreen's will not let you use RRs for milk. If your Walgreens gives you trouble, then buy two small filler items with the two milks (Like two 39-cents candies.)

TOTAL: In the end I paid $6.61 out of pocket for dental flossers, skintimate, Stayfree, Gatorade and TWO gallons of milk!

Want to learn more? Check out:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics for Children

Hubby brought Princess Mimi to Lowe's today for a "Build and Grow Clinic". She was able to make a bird feeder (at no charge). She also got a cool certificate and a patch when done.
Check out the availability of classes in your area by visiting the official site:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

National Lettuce Month

Last night I finally got to see the documentary Food, Inc. It has me thinking quite a bit about, "where does my food come from?" So I thought this was a pretty cool tracking site:

Check out Fresh Express’ new online Leaf Locator that tracks where the lettuce and spinach in each bag were grown and how it’s cared for from field to store. It’s like a farmers’ market on a massive scale. People can shop smarter when they know more about their food. For a quick demo, go to and click “Leaf Locator.”

BONUS: In celebration of the Leaf Locator site, Fresh Express is hosting a sweepstakes at where 30 people will win a year of free salad (based on fifty-two bags per year) – you’ll be well stocked in the salad department for a long time.

Yum: Cheeseburger in Paradise (new burgers at Margaritaville)


The home of the famed “Cheeseburger in Paradise” celebrates all month long… New specialty burgers introduced weekly based on the voting at Margaritaville Facebook; Margaritaville Chefs to debut their original burger recipes, deals on burger-related merchandise and more…

WHAT: With an estimated 14 billion hamburgers eaten annually in the U.S. alone (roughly 45 burgers/person/year), the burger has become one of the most celebrated American foods to date. The hamburger has gained so much notoriety that it has actually earned its own annual holiday month recognizing the scrumptious sandwich: “National Hamburger Month” which takes place every May.

In honor of the month-long holiday, Jimmy Buffett’s restaurants nationwide will be celebrating the iconic burger. The restaurant’s namesake even wrote a song dedicated to the popular sandwich, “Cheeseburger in Paradise” off of the platinum selling Son of a Son of a Sailor album. This year, Margaritaville celebrates all things hamburger with Meat us at Margaritaville, a month long promotion focusing on the American classic, and offering a variety of burger and beverage features.
“With close to 25 years of serving up our signature Cheeseburger in Paradise , we have guests that have grown up on our burgers.” explains Tamara Baldanza, Margaritaville’s director of marketing, “It only makes sense that during National Hamburger Month, we would celebrate this great American food and the folks who love to eat them! ”

While the Hamburger was created sometime in the early 1900’s it wasn’t perfected until Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville opened in Key West in the 1980’s. Nationwide, the Margaritaville restaurants now serve-up over 1 million burgers annually. This year, Margaritaville encouraged its Facebook fans to log on and vote on their favorite burgers created by various Margaritaville chefs.

The 5 winning burgers were announced on April 21st and will be featured during the month of May at all participating Jimmy Buffett restaurant U.S. locations. To become a fan on Facebook:

WHERE:All Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville locations

WHEN:May 1, 2010 – June 6, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Epcot Flower Festival, 2010

Yesterday, I brought the kids over to EPCOT for the Flower and Garden Festival. My favorite displays are the character topiaries. Here are a few photos I took to share with you. Enjoy!

Beauty and the Beast Snow White (near Germany)
Cinderella (near France)
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) also near France.
Mickey and Minnie Donald, Goofy and Daisy (at front gate of Epcot)

There are lots of Lion King displays this year
Bambi (near Canada) Aladdin (near Morocco)
Peter Pan displays (near England)

Monday, April 12, 2010

We got a new car!

Hubby has a long commute to work, about 85 miles each day. The miles on his car were starting to add up. In fact, in 4-1/2 years, he put 97,000 miles on it. I really wanted him to keep it for a while since it was almost paid off, but this weekend we found a great deal on a Honda Civic. So now Hubby has a new car!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Big News!!!

First, No, I am not pregnant (darn it--hubby and I can't agree on a third baby)...

My news is that I am taking a "leave of absence" from my part-time job for the next 4 or 5 months. Things were slow and the timing worked out. I will probably return in late-summer or early-Fall (when the kids start up school again). I have never been a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) so am super excited to try it out for a bit!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Morning 2010

We had a wonderful two weeks in Louisiana. Just got home this afternoon. I put 2,175 miles on my mini van, wow! The weather was perfect and I didn't want to come home. Here are a few pictures from Easter morning that I wanted to share with you. Me and hubby
Family photo Putting a flower on the Cross at chuch

Easter Morning Photos

We had a wonderful two weeks in Louisiana. Just got home this afternoon. I put 2,175 miles on my mini van, wow! The weather was perfect and I didn't want to come home. Here are a few pictures from Easter morning that I wanted to share with you. Me and hubby
Family photo Putting a flower on the Cross at chuch

Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday in Louisiana

(Princess Mimi would not touch the seafood!)..
In Louisiana, Good Friday is a huge holiday. Schools and banks are closed. Catholics go to mass, and families gather to boil seafood. I love being home during this time of year!

Friday Fotos: Ice Cream!