Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

My son has hit the "Superhero" stage. He loves "Marvel" guys - SPiderman, Captain America, the Hulk, etc. He got so much of this for christmas! Figures, toothbrush, Spiderman shoes, Spiderman watch, crayons, etc!
My sweet girl is really into Hello Kitty (she got the camera & art projector) and Little Pet shop, but occaisonally is still in love with Dora.

Christmas Eve!

Me and the kids before mass: Santa's stash (the kids each get 3 gifts from Santa to represent the 3 wisemen)

The kids' tree (their fun ornaments and school-made ornaments):
My tree (more formal):Stockings are filled!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Memory: Chex Party Mix (and a giveaway)

Since I was a child, Chex party mix has been a favorite recipe in my family.

I had a great Aunt who would make it every Holiday. And my mom makes it year round. She also gives it out to her neighbors each year around Christmas. In fact, it doesn't quite feel like the holidays until I walk into my mom's home and smell Chex party mix in the oven. YUM!

I know that you can buy it premade today, but I still love the "homemade" one my mom makes. In fact, everytime she comes to visit us in Florida, she brings a huge container for us. Hubby likes his with mixed nuts, and the kids like theirs with goldfish crackers.

So here is a quick giveaway. Leave me ONE COMMENT to enter. Please tell me your favorite chex cereal (rice, wheat, corn, other?) and you could win this great prize package (see photo below.) Enter before January 1, 2011 for your chance to win! Good luck!
Disclosure: General Mills provided information and giveaway through MyBlogSpark

Lights at Hollywood Studios

On Monday, we took the kids to Disney's Hollywood Studios for the Osborne Spectacle of Lights! As always we had a great time! We got there before the lights were turned on so had plenty of time to see characters and shop.

I fell in love with this cute window display:

We had dinner at 50's Prime Time (keep your elbows off the table!)

And the lights!!...
My son was in AWE! He loved it all.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grinchmas Show at Islands of Adventure

Yesterday, we went to Islands of Adventure and Univesal Studios. It was a fun 10 hours!! The kids really loved the "Dr Seuss" world which was decked out for the holidays with the Grinch and the Who's!The Grinch was mean and nasty. He told the kids to "Shut up", they thought it was funny.
Do you recongize Allyson and Dave?
(We laughed at this photos because we look like swingers, ha. The couples are all switched up!)

Universal Studios: Woody Woodpecker's Coaster

Hubby and son took a spin on this kid coaster:

Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Winner is...Sasha

Thank you to all who entered by GM movie and cereal giveway this week!
...And, the random winner is Sasha, congrats!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Reminder: Movie Ticket Giveaway

One more day to enter to win 4 movie tickets and 2 boxes of cereal. Enter at the post BELOW!