Monday, February 06, 2012

41 weeks until I hit "40": New Supplements

So the holidays are over and I am getting back into a (somewhat) normal routine.  Last week had me thinking, 40 is coming up really soon.  In fact, 41 weeks from now!  I really want to look and feel great for my birthday in November, so I decided to change one small thing about my lifestyle each week until the big birthday. 

I feel that adding something small each week, and growing upon it, would be easier than making tons of changes at once. 

Well, last week I added two new supplements to my vitamin regime.  Currently I take a multi-vitamin and a probiotic capsule everyday.  When I am coming down with a cold or feel stressed I add a Stress-B with Vit C and Zinc in the morning, and a Zinc tablet in the evening. 

This week, I started taking CLA and Bladderwack.  Both MAY fight weight loss, according to some books I recently read. (I read about Bladderwack in Eat Right for Your Blood Type by Dr. D'Adamo and CLA in Fat Flush by Ann Louise).  I decided to start slow to make sure my body would react okay with these two.  It's been seven days, and so far so good.  (Now, I haven't gotten on the scale yet to see if I have lost any weight, but my good I mean, no reactions or side effects!)

And I felt even better when Dr. Oz mentioned CLA on his show today!!  He says CLA is good for fighting "belly fat", which is by far my "problem area"!  (He said 1000mg in the morning, and I read somewhere to take 3000mg a day, so I do need to do some further research).

So, there you have it, ADDING SUPPLEMENTS was my goal for week 41, and I did it! :) 

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