Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New kids love the Fijit Friends Newbie

Recently, I was sent a Fijit friends newbie for my kids to play with so I could write a review for this blog.  The minute it arrived at the door, my kids were in love with this little fellow. (We received the lighter blue one, Kira; however, there are eight colors to choose from!)  For the first two days they "nutured" it nonstop.  They loved to watch it sing and giggle. 

Fijit Friends Newbies Figure, Ice Blue Kira

The "newbie" is  little less expensive and smaller than the full size Fijits. (Perfect for your kids' Easter baskets!)  As I mentioned there are 8 color choices; and the design of each toy is slightly different and each has their own unique personality.   I suggest buying two so they can "interact".

The toy is recommended for girls age 6 and up, but my younger son enjoyed it immensely and understood how to work it as well as my daughter.  Oh, and, let me add that there is also a great web site to go along with the interactive toy that your child will like:

Fijit Friends™ Newbies™ Figure Assortment
Now every girl’s interactive best friend, Fijit Friends™ has an adorable pint-size singing companion with Fijit Friends™ Newbies™. Fijit Friends™ love to sing and dance, but now girls can nurture each of the eight, distinct Fijit Friends™ Newbies™ to sing and perform their own unique song. The more girls pet and play with them, the better their singing improves. When two Fijit Friends™ Newbies™ are placed next to each other and have their heads petted or their feet touched, they'll begin a duet and sing different parts of the same song. Each Fijit Friends™ Newbies™ can also make Fijit Friends™ dance by utilizing Sonic Chirp technology - special audio coding embedded into a Newbie™ that when detected by Fijit Friends™ will trigger her programmed dancing moves.
ARP: $17.99                        Ages: 6+                               Available: Now

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