Thursday, August 02, 2012

Eyeglasses for my (almost) 7 year old

Last year, the eye doctor said my girl's eyes were good but this year, he detected some foresideness.  So we ordered new glasses today.  They will be in next week, just in time for first grade.  Fortunately, several friends have glasses all ready so she is excited (not sad).  How cute are these Skeechers eyeglasses for girls!?! 


Grant Weber said...

I’m glad to know she’s not upset with having to wear eyeglasses. :) She’s very young, and I’m sure some of the kids in her school won’t understand. Just never fail to make her understand that her wearing eyeglasses don’t make her less of a person. :D Maybe it’s because she had been studying so hard that her vision suddenly got blurry. Just try to watch her habits to keep her condition from getting worse.

Grant Weber

Thaddeus Harrod said...

It looks cute on her. I remember getting my first glasses when I was 15; I was already having a hard time in my last year of middle school taking notes. It was only in my first year of high school that my mom brought me to have my check up. Since it was my birthday, she allowed me to choose my frame, no matter the price. I was really excited to wear it right when we were out of the store.

Thaddeus Harrod