Sunday, October 28, 2012

The new VeggieTales movie: The League of Incredible Vegetables

Focus on the Family and VeggieTales have teamed up to bring you an incredible collection of free goodies!

Included are: a discussion guide for the new VeggieTales movie-The League of Incredible Vegetables and fun activities from, a music video from the Newsboys, a download of an episode of Adventures in Odyssey, and much more!

Focus on the Family provided me with a free copy of the new DVD for my kids to watch and for me to review.  I was worried my kids would think it was too slow or too "babyish" for them (they are 5 and 7)...but to my surprise they LOVE it and have watched it over and over!!  (I love a movie that holds my kids attention!)  They loved the storylines, the characters (Larry Boy) and the lesson on fear.  And the music, by Newsboys, is catchy too!  Check out this web site for more fun:  (We have since passed the DVD on to my son's Kindergarten teacher as she plans to share it with the entire class this month!)

Read more here or order your copy here:


Miniature Golf at Disney: Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course

I have lived in the Orlando-area for over 16 years, and ya'll know I go to Disney World all the time.  But, I have never gone there to play miniature golf.  This was a first for us!  And I can't wait to go again.

We played on the Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course, located near Blizzard Beach.  We had our choice of playing on the sand course or the snow course.  We chose the snow (Winter) course.  The course was  cutely decorated, and there are some surprises along the way.  And, of course, lots of great Christmas music!

Because I know someone will ask....prices are $12.00 per 18-hole round for adults, and $10.00 for children 3 to 9 years of age. Learn more HERE.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A twist on Halloween cookies: Halloween Cookie Pizza

Halloween Cookie Pizza

Here's my version...I added a layer of chocolate frosting on top
of the peanut butter, yummo:


I found this great idea today on it's a Halloween Cookie Pizza!! yummo.

I think it's a great alternative to cut-out Halloween cookies. My kids and I plan to make it this weekend.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review: Kidz Bop Christmas

Do you know that my son LOVES the Kidz Bop CDs?  He owns several of them, and even listens to the "Kidz Bop" channel on Pandora.  Guess what Santa brought a few weeks early this year?... Yup, the new Kidz Bop Christmas! 


This CD has wonderful classic Holiday songs with a bit of a pop twist, but not "overly pop" like the other Kidz Bop CDs.  It's a nice mix for the entire family to enjoy.  My son enjoys that the songs are song by kids for kids. 

There are a couple of songs that are new to my 5-year old son (like Mistletoe and Holly & Christmas Wrapping), and I liked that!  It gives him something new to learn.  (And let's admit it, the 24-hour Christmas station plays the same songs over and over and over, so something new is always welcome in my house!)

And personally, I was glad to hear Auld Lang Syne on the newest CD.  I have always wanted to learn more words to that one!!

Overall: My 5- year old son has already listened to the entire CD twice, and it only arrived two hours ago. 

Our Family's Halloween Costumes: The Incredibles

This year the four of us are going as Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles!  Hubby has been wanting to do this for years so this year will be our year!!
Our son is Dash:
5904 (4-6) Child Dash Costume

Our daughter is Violet: 
The Incredibles - Violet Child Costume - 07/08/09

Hubby and I will be Mr & Mrs Incredible and wear tee shirts:
The Incredibles Logo T-Shirt, Medium

UPDATE: Here is the kids Halloween picture:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Christmas pajamas for my kiddos

Every year my kids get new pajamas at Christmas time; it's a family tradition.  My mom used to give us new pajamas on Christmas Eve, but I started giving my kids new pajamas on Thanksgiving. Actually, Gus the Elf delivers the pajamas! :)
Usually, it's easy to find cute pajamas, but as my kids get older, I am finding it harder and harder.  However, here are a few options I have found online so far:
Boys Printed PJ Sets
Old Navy Boys Printed PJs (above)
The Children's Place Snowman Fleece (green, pink or blue) has a super cute set. 
Holiday Stripe  Family Set
Pajamagram has matching family sets (but are a little pricey than others).

UPDATE: Found these from Gymboree! So cute and come in bigger sizes too! yea.
Snowman Two-Piece Gymmies

Hmm, which do you like best???

And just because I love my kiddos, here are a few pictures of our Christmas pajamas in the past:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A quick trip to the pumpkin patch

We have a small church near our home that puts up an annual "pumpkin patch".  We stopped by today and my kids wanted to each pick a SMALL pumpkin...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stressing about Holiday pictures!

Did you see that JCP is doing FREE family pictures during November?   Yup, NO sitting fees and a FREE 8x10.  (of course I will order my holiday cards from there!)  I have always used the JCP Portrait center, and love their work, so I was super excited.  We have an appointment and now I am trying to coordinate outfits.
We are going with NAVY and LIGHT BLUE and WHITE...
all because my daughter fell in love with this cute dress and cardigan from The Children's Place. Then, I got my son a shirt and bow tie from there too.
I lucked out that hubby already had a navy blue sweater with lightblue and white stripes...
so this is what we have so far...
PROBLEM is now I can't find anything for me!!!!!  I need to get outfits in a PETITE size since I am 5'4" and that is not always so easy (limited choices).  I am thinking I will go with light blue since I don't want too much navy.  Not sure, so now I AM STRESSING!!!
Well, after writing this post, I ran to the mall.  Couldn't find anything in our color scheme at Ann Taylor Loft or Macy's, so went over to Ross.  Found several dresses in my size in color and found this one for only $16.99 SCORE!!!! :)
Isn't it the EXACT color of my daughters's dress!?  Super excited for November 3rd!