Wednesday, August 14, 2013 acne regime that works...and I can afford!

I never expected to still have acne at 40, but I do.  I have tried acne kits from the discount stores (Clean & Clear Advantage.  I have tried acne kits from department stores (Murad).  I have gotten prescriptions from the dermatologist, most of which are so expensive, I don't even get them filled at the pharmacy.  They improve my acne, but nothing has ever cleared my acne.

So last month, when I was asked to try Dr. Baxt's Acne Kit II, I was excited for two reasons.  First, the price is right ($55 for a four-piece kit).  Second, it was developed by Dr. Rebecca Baxt, a certified dermatologist and assistant professor of dermatology! 

The first time I used the product, I could FEEL it was different.  I could feel the tightening and I had no oil on my face when I woke up the next morning!  It dried up my acne in less than two days.  And by day three, my skin felt smooth and soft!  No acne, no oily skin...just nice smooth skin!  I am really impressed by this new product!  If you or someone you know suffers with acne, please have them check out this product!



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