Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer has hit O-town - time to shop!

Yesterday's high was 85 and today 83!  It's been a warm winter in Orlando for sure!  So I headed to the mall yesterday to buy a few Spring pieces.  (Yea, you Notherners can laugh that Spring is 80+ degree!)
I found this super cute dress at JCP for only $30!! (And found a great pair of matching earrings- same green/blue as the belt - on clearance for $10!)  This will be a great dress to thrown on for Sunday mass or maybe lunch with a friend!
 Worthington® Border Print Pleat Dress - Petite

Finding shorts has been a huge problem as many stores still have winter coats and sweaters. After searching several stores, I was able to find shorts today at Macy's! The sales clerk said they had just put them out, and she must be right as I can't even find them online yet.  (I didn't want to purchase online since I gained a couple of pounds and wasn't sure of the right size!)  The shorts were $49 but were on special 40-percent off...and I had a coupon for another 20-percent, making them $23! 
I also decided to check out the sale purses at Macy's, and found this one in a pewter costs with sale and coupons, $27! I love a BIG tote :)
Leaving the mall, I decided to hit Ross.  Although I didn't find any summer or spring shoes, I found a cute pair of Aerosole loafers on clearance for $6.49!   SCORE! :)

Monday, January 07, 2013

Not so healthy yogurt? yikes

This morning I came across this picture and message on Facebook.  I was in total shock as Go-Gurt is a daily snack at my home!

Yogurt is a pretty innocent snack, right? Well, take a closer look (at the ingredient list) and you'll see that these "Strawberry Milkshake" and "Banana Split" flavored yogurt tubes don't actually contain any strawberries or bananas at all!... The flavors come from refined sugar and artificial flavors/dyes. Did you know that artificial dyes are derived from petroleum and require a warning label in some countries stating they "have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children?" (post with details:

Why not make your own yogurt tubes by filling reusable silicone molds with homemade smoothies, plain organic yogurt (that you flavor yourself), or even applesauce? My kids love's how they work:
The info came from my favorite new blog:  I know many of us have a New Year's resolution to "eat healthy" so please take a minute to check out this blog, and join me for a HEALTHIER new year!  I know it can't happen over it...but I plan to try to incorporate on tip from this great blog each day.

Today, I ordered the silicon tubes from so I can make my kids healthier yogurt.  I will start with plain organic yogurt, and add fruit and honey.  No more go-gurts for us!